Develop leadership skills through the teachings of horsemanship to positively influence your life, your horse’s life, and the lives of others.
Developing Horsemanship - Leadership Through Horses
Developing Horsemanship - Leadership Through Horses
Developing Horsemanship - Leadership Through Horses


Developing Leadership Skills through horsemanship to positively influence your life and others.

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Unlock your potential through Clinics and learn Horsemanship and Leadership skills.

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"Irrespective of where we start or where the horse starts, we need someone who will take us on the journey from here, one step at a time. Over the years, Tyler has shown the ability to begin where the horse and the rider are. This is a gift. Secondly, Tyler teaches from his knowledge and experience: he teaches “what” to do, while understanding what it takes to do it across our full range of spirit, body, mind and emotions – whether it’s us or the horse."

Kathleen Kurre, Founder of Fusion Advisors, LLC

"Tyler not only perfects his own skills but he is also very adept at training and conditioning the horses of others. He has been a valued part of our team particularly when it comes to ensuring that new horses added to our herd are safe for lesser- experienced riders to use. With a herd of over 185 preparing our string for the busy summer season is no small feat and he accomplishes this task with grace and enthusiasm. Tyler’s vast experience is significant and it is not uncommon for horse owners to ask Tyler to ride their horse to diagnose potential problems."

David Craig, General Manager at C Lazy U Ranch

"Tyler is one of the brightest, most success driven person I have known in my 25 years of experiential education. He continuously seeks new and difficult challenges which have expanded his personal growth in the field. He is an energetic and enthusiastic facilitator with good critical thinking skills. I have observed on many occasions how Tyler has impacted people’s lives in a positive and safe manner."

Noel Pompa, Outdoor Adventure Based Trainer